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"Human beings do not create movement, they participate in a moving universe."

~ Emily Conrade


Through a lifetime of curious exploration, fascinated by the interconnection between body, psyche, spirit, and nature - I have journeyed to many sacred lands and waters across the globe and equally through many realms of embodiment, self-discovery and healing. Each practice deepening my intimacy with a felt sense of aliveness, authentic expression and relating. The somatic healing arts, truama renegotation work, and living life connected and in deep conversation with nature continue to deepen and inspire me daily.


Why I am passionate about helping you heal...


​I discovered Craniosacral Therapy on my own nervous system healing journey after a few years of experiencing the affects of stress, burnout, loss and grief.  I was experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of chronic pain, a dysregulated nervous system with anxiety/depression, a compromised immune system, anemia and digestive issues and was seeking more therapeutic support for healing the affects of early and accumulated life trauma.


I always thought Craniosacral was like physiotherapy, and was very grateful when a friend reffered me to a Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner where I experienced the holistic benefits, that brought relief to both the physical and emotional distress I was experiencing.  I was amazed how relaxed, soft and pleasant I felt during a session and would often walk or rest in nature afterwards and feel as if a stress dial was turned way down offering more clarity and feeling more like myself. As the session was integrating there was usually and overal sense of genuine ease and peace, feeling content in the present moment without worries or grasping for anything. Craniosacral proved to be extremely healing for my nervous system and suppressed immune system. Additionally it was so lovely just to be held with that level of attunement and compassionate presence.


Periods of ill health or massive life transitions can be somewhat of an initiation, taking us to new depths to be with the unprocessed, old feelings and pain we are carrying. An opportunity to learn how to hold ourselves with radical compassion and fierce grace through the waves of excruciating discomfort and growing pains of healing. On the other side of these challenges can often be a more loving relationship with ourselves that ripples out, and a stronger and more authentic sense of self and belonging. Often with a depth of experience that brings or awakens our unique gifts to share with the world. Suffering is somewhat of an art, and we if we can learn to meet, talk to, befriend or be with whatever we are experiencing as it is with enough kindness, and often support, our pain can become a portal to the divine; to the love and resilience we are capable of. 


I am so grateful to have the honour of supporting others who are on their own nervous system journey who may benefit from a compassionte being on their side. It brings me pure joy to be of service in this way and I look forward to supporting you on your journey towards more thriving and aliveness in your life and relationships.


My name is Hawaiin for Ocean Water, and I am a Pisean who loves all bodies of water and the Ocean.

It is my experience that like being in nature, practices like Craniosacral Therapy and Relational Somatic Therapy resonate a quality of inherent wholeness and interconnection back to us. I would also love to play a part in reflecting your wholeness, unique beauty, brilliance and worth back to you!


I place a strong importance on creating a safe, kind, and compassionate container for our work together.   Depending on the session and what is desired, I like to incorportate talking along with exploring somatic awareness, guided meditation or visualizations, nature connection or metaphor, creativity, movement, sound and healing touch. These tools can support in discovering, exploring, embodying, and nourishing what needs tending.  


Somatic Practices often draw on your healing resources (places/ experiences of safety) so that as we navigate trauma and places of stuckness or contraction there can be an anchor and natural movement between whats hard and whats healing, expansive and good. This supports your system towards growth and health.  Over time resilence builds along with an expanded capacity to be with discomfort and the hard things without getting overwhelmed or re-traumatized.  


Along the way, you’ll learn how to connect more to your body and learn ways to feel safer within it. Eventually more energy, aliveness, and a sense of well-being can resurface. ​


Reiational Somatic Therapy/Counselling with Mariah Moser, Opening to Grace (2023-2024) ​

Certified Transforming Touch Therapy Practitioner. Touch work for chronic stress and developmental trauma, work of Stephen Tyrell (2020) ​

Completion of 'Healing Pre-Birth and Birth at any age' with Mia Kalef, 6 week course (2021)   

Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner, Two year program with Body Intelligence Institute (2018)  

Extensive studies with Susan Harper of Continuum-Montage learning a wide range of skills and inquiry in the fields of movement, emotions, shock and trauma resolution, dreams, perception, and relationship. (2017-Present) ​

Certified Open Floor Therapeutic Dance Facilitator, Two Year Program Open Floor International (2016)  

​Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance Simon Fraser University (2013)


Homeopathic Medicine 2 years of study at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy (2005) ​Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor for 15+ years (2005) PLUS facilitation of many yoga, therapeutic dance and somatic nature and movement workshops in British Columbia; including sessions in Vancouver, Squamish, The Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center in Paradise Valley, and the Hollyhock Leadership Center on Cortes Island.

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